Honey bee hive in a wall!

Bees in walll 

This beehive was built inside the wall of the garage. It is cheaper to fix the dry wall than it would be to fix the exterior stucco so I removed the hive from inside the garage.

Bee vac!

Setting up the bee vacuum and sucking up the guards at the entrance while I saw the first section of drywall.

honey bee hive in wall.

Brood behind the drywall.

Honey bee hive in wall.

Getting to the honey stores above the brood.

Bees in wall. 

A few bees. 

Home owner checking out bee hive. 

A brave home owner videoing  the bee hive. 

Hive in wall. 

A few more bees.  

Bee hive 

Bee Hive fully exposed, you can see the honey on the top. 

Bees moving to new hive. 

Hive being moved to new house. 

Bees moving into new hive 

The rest of the bees going into there new house. They are doing good in their new home...


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