are Apiarist / Beekeeper at Beesville bee farm LLC. 

Scott the Apiarist/Beekeeper

at Beesville Bee Farm LLC.

I have been keeping bees for over 37 years now and I am still finding new and amazing things. I have always been fascinated by these little insects. I was 12 years old when my dad brought 2 hives home one day. No one else would go near them, but I could not stay away. I spent days watching them come and go. There was only so much I could see at the entrance not having a Vail or smoker it was risky business opening one but I just had to see what was going on inside that hive so I gently pried the lid off. It had lot of burr comb dripping with honey. I was able to pull out a frame full of honey before they got too grumpy. After getting stung a few times I put the lid back on took my sweet reward and ate my first piece of come honey. Now I was really hooked and had to learn how to do it the right way. I had to save for a while to get a book on beekeeping. I finely got my first book The "ABC and XYZ of beekeeping" It wasn't long after that I started an observation hive in my bedroom window, this way I could really see what was going on inside the hive I would go to sleep listening to the hum of bees cooling the hive and as the new queens were about to leave their cells I could hear them challenging each other with a loud peeping sound. There were some drawbacks with having a hive in my bedroom like the occasional escape that would cause some  panicking among my sisters. And every one that came to the house had to see the hive so I had to keep my room clean for the visitors. One day there was some one over to look at the hive and they were talking about how it looked like a little bee town below my window. By this time I had a lot of bee hives spread all across the yard  we started joking around trying to come up with a name for this bee town some one said Beesville and its always stuck in my head so Beesville Bee Farm just seem to fit. I have kept bees as a hobby for so many years now its time for me help them. I am working on growing our new business into more than a hobby. I am passionate about these little insects and now they need my help. To me beekeeping is more like a calling than a job. Scott Allen Clark...


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