Bees in a pot! Untitled 1

These girls built their hive in a flower pot.

Looking under the pot there is a  ball of bees and comb.

Click on this picture if you wand a bee background.

Here is another look with the pot on its side.

Now I have brushed out most of the bees into a nuc hive. I use a light misting of water to calm them down before I start brushing into their new home.

This is how you can save some of the brood. You staple string across the frame to hold the comb

Place the comb into the frame and staple string on the other side of the comb. 

Then just place the frame into the nuc hive.

They were so cold from the water mist they did not come above the frames when I took the top off.

 This was a small hive so after a few days I was able to find the queen and remove her  and they where added to another weak hive that had a new queen in it.

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