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308,000 Thousand Honey bees and growing with each new honey bee hive rescued!!

Our Apiarist/Beekeeper!

Apiarist / Beekeeper working A Honey bee hive.

"If the honey bee disappeared from the surface of the globe, Mankind would have only four years left to live; no more honey bees, no more pollination, no more grass, no more animals, no more men Albert Einstein.

We know that our food supply depends on Honey Bees. You would think that people would care about their fate but most fear them when they see one they run or grab a can of bug spray and kill them. Though our very survival could be in jeopardy by their demise most people think of them as just another pest to be exterminated. A little poison and the problem is gone we have waged a war on all kinds of insects and we are winning. It was fear that kept us from firing the nukes during the cold war we knew that if we did all of us would die in the after math. Now we may face the same fate in a different war. Can we go on killing every honey bee we see? Apiarist/beekeepers and their hard working honey bees are endangered. Help us save the honey bee. by saving them we are saving us all...
Scott Clark Apiarist/Beekeeper...

Honey bee Rescue!!

Got A Honey Bee Swarm or a Honey Bee Hive in your tree or Honey Bees in your house call our Apiarist/Beekeeper. We specialize in environmentally safe live Honey bee hive and honey bee swarm removal. Our Apiarist/Beekeeper will move that honey bee hive or honey bee swarm to one of our Apiaries. Beesville Bee Farm's Apiarist/Beekeeper are Providing help 24/7 to the greater Phoenix valley and surrounding areas.

Need an Apiarist/Beekeeper To Remove Honey Bee Hives or a swarms
give us a call. (602)953-2602
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We are always happy to talk about bees if you have any questions about Honey bees or beekeeping Email me I have 37 years experience as a Beekeeper/Apiarist...

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